The company has almost 20 years’ experience in entertainment shows, historical re-enactments, event festivals such as musicians, jugglers, minstrels and ballad singers.
Since 1994, the Company organizes shows with music, songs and jokes either outdoors or in castles. The skill of combining music and comedy with songs, stories and juggling is the main element of our company.
“Folet D’la Marga” was born in 1994 in MONTANARO (Turin).
The intention is to unite in their shows music, theatre, juggling and acrobatics and to gather the roots of the troubadour oral culture and the improvisation theatre.
From the beginning, the company devoted itself to the staging of entertainments that find the ideal course in the numerous festivals and historical commemorations in Italy and the neighbouring countries.
During the years, the company obtained several collaborations with historical groups, artists and related events in the world of research and historical representation, considered as a point of support for the representativeness of the medieval world and the Renaissance.

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